Who We Are

TERRARIUM TV APK DOWNLOADS is a privately held software and game development corporation. We develop game design business that produces unique and highly creative video games.

The history of the company starts with a group of friends who love to play games together. At a young age, they dream to create a game of their own. So, they went to college and got a degree in Information Technology with a major in developing software. They reach their dream by creating a game that able to enjoy by many people of any age. Thus, starting a mobile game company is in their mind to build.

In the year 2005, the company created to search for the potential of mobile games. They want to make a meaningful mark on this new technology and took a couple shots with physics-based games. The company creates their first game that captures many audiences. They followed another new game and help complete an early portfolio of easy-to-play but hard-to-master games. Up to this time, the two games still crowd favorite.

After the success of the two games, the company grew larger and they hire employee all over the State of Florida. With this, they develop more games that became the best video game companies in South Florida. The company is excited to focus on the future of gaming embracing technology trends. To develop various genres and to explore new ideas. The devoted team always in search of the next great game.

With just a simple dream of the group of young boys, they became successful in their career. Also, they owe their success to their employee who works with dedication. Also, they treat each other as a family and they work with a system. This group of friends is humble of their achievements that they experiencing.

Lastly, they want to share their success by inviting people with creative skill in video games.


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